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Plan a memorable event with your friends and family and leave all your worries about being separated from your group!

When you’re planning a trip to the vibrant city of Los Angeles that’s home to Hollywood, splendid beaches, and attractions, it’s best to have convenient and comfortable transportation for your group. That’s where our Van Rental Los Angeles services come into play.

At Los Angeles, we value the seamless and enjoyable travel experience. If you’re visiting LA with family, friends, or colleagues, our van rental in Los Angeles California offers you the perfect solution to visit the city together.

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Passenger Van Rental Los Angeles

Our passenger vans are designed to make sure that no one in your group gets left behind or has to split up. We provide both 12-passenger van rental Los Angeles and 15-passenger van rental Los Angeles with comfortable seats for everyone. You can reserve a passenger van rental, ensuring that your group can stay together and enjoy every moment of your Los Angeles journey.

Mini Van Rental Los Angels

A minivan rental is the best choice when you need extra legroom and trunk space. If you’re traveling with your family, friends, or a group of fellow adventurers, our minivan rental with Los Angeles Black Limo provides up to 7 or 8 seats, to make sure everyone has a comfortable and spacious spot. No need to worry about leaving anything or anyone behind.

LAX Van Rental Los Angeles

Comfort is the key, and our van rental service in Los Angeles is always available to serve you as soon as you exit your plane at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We know that after a long flight, everyone wants to get a  comfortable van or limo service without dealing with transportation hassles. With our LAX van rental, you can start your LA adventure the moment your plane lands at the airport.



  • 3 Passengers


luxury VAN


  • 13 Passengers

Mercedes Sprinter


cadillac escalade

  • 6 Passengers
Cadillac Escalade


Lincoln Stretch Limo

  • 10 Passengers


Sprinter Van Rental Los Angeles Benefits

Visiting  Los Angeles can be a daunting task, given its vast size and numerous attractions. Our sprinter van rental provides you with the comfort you need to navigate the city with ease. No more worrying about crowded public transportation or expensive taxi rides. With our luxury and well-maintained vans, you will always get a  comfortable and stress-free ride with your family and friends.

Traveling with a group can be an amazing experience, but it can also be challenging to ensure everyone stays together. With our van rental services, you can keep your group united throughout your LA adventure. No matter if you’re headed to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame or the stunning beaches of Santa Monica, our vans keep your group together.

One of the primary advantages of our van rental services is the ample space they provide. You can bring all the luggage, equipment, and belongings you need without worrying about limited trunk space. Our vans are designed to accommodate both passengers and their cargo, making your travel more enjoyable.

Van Rental LA: Flexibility & Local Knowledge

Navigating the streets of Los Angeles can be hard, especially for those unfamiliar with the city. Our experienced drivers have a vast knowledge of the local road networks, shortcuts, and traffic patterns. This local expertise takes you to your destination efficiently and avoids unnecessary delays.

When you hire our van rental services, you can set your schedule and visit the city at your own pace, make stops at your preferred attractions, and embark on adventures as you see fit. It’s your Los Angeles experience, and our vans are here to make it as flexible as possible.

We conduct thorough background checks on our drivers, ensuring that you’re in the professional’s hands. Additionally, our vans are regularly maintained and meet all the necessary safety standards, providing you with a secure and reliable transportation solution.

How to Reserve Your Los Angeles Van Rental

Reserving a van with a Los Angeles Black Limo is very easy. Simply contact us and provide us with your travel details, including the number of passengers, your preferred van type (passenger van or minivan), and your pickup location,  if you need a van for LAX or any other destination in Los Angeles.

Get the best Los Angeles black limo van rental experience

Los Angeles is a city filled with opportunities for adventure, entertainment, and relaxation. Whether you’re exploring the iconic landmarks, enjoying the diverse culinary scene, or relaxing on the beautiful beaches, having a reliable and spacious mode of transportation is essential. With our van rental services in Los Angeles, you can make your journey truly unforgettable. Stay together, and enjoy your group company by renting our van. 

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Los Angeles Black Limo is my go-to choice whenever I’m in the city. The professional and punctual drivers, along with the impeccably clean and well-maintained cars, never fail to impress.

Betty C.

I consistently rely on Los Angeles Black Limo for my transportation needs in the city. The drivers are always professional and punctual, ensuring a smooth and timely journey.

Tracy B.

The experience of booking an SUV for a client was exceptional as they went the extra mile to ensure utmost satisfaction.

Jason H.

Using Los Angeles Black Limo for my travel needs over the past year has been an absolute delight.

Carlos T.